Bathmate Or Penomet? My Experience

Bathmate is my new best friend. Having tried everything from pills to other Penis Pumps I have finally found a Pump that works. Bathmate is easy to use, hygienic and safe to use. Not only that the Company itself are very accessible which is very refreshing.

I must say that having a few years experience with Penis Pumps, Penomet in particular I have suffered from pain, discolouration and a burning sensation, I cannot praise Bathmate enough.

From the moment that my Bathmate pump arrived I was impressed. Bathmate looks and feels like quality. Whereas Penomet certainly lacked in that department. The ease of use, from the way I was able to use it, right down to the results have been astonishing.

I think that Penomet have tried to replicate Bathmate and in my opinion Bathmate is miles ahead in all departments.

All I can go on is my experiences and can now honestly say that I wish I had purchased Bathmate in the first place.

I have been unable to have sex for some 30 years, and this has obviously impacted on my relationships. Im very lucky that my wife of 25 years is understanding. So right from the beginning of our relationship we have been searching for an answer to my problem. Firstly I tried tablets from my G.P. They were a resounding fail. Then I tried a holistic approach again a massive fail. Then we saw on a medical site someone talking about Penomet, so we ordered one. That’s when I suffered from tenderness, discolouration and burning, none of which was a pleasant experience. So after a good year of believing I would never try another Pump we stumbled upon Bathmate. Quite hesitantly we ordered one, and as I say from the moment we received the package and opened it we felt that this was a far superior product. The materials used to make the Bathmate were quality. Obviously we were excited to try it straight away. My wife could not believe that Bathmate was giving us results within 3 weeks.

More importantly I was not suffering from any pain, discolouration or burning.

I cannot understand why Penomet don’t cover the possibility of any of the problems that men seem to be experiencing on their site. I have since found lots of reviews from disgruntled customers of Penomet after suffering myself. I have also found that the major reviews that we had read about Penomet are affiliates of Penomet, so they have a real reason to talk Penomet up.

As I say in my opinion Bathmate is truly a remarkable product, one which I think men out there should be told about by health professionals that deal with men for impotence and size issues.

After the disaster that was Penomet I really did not want to try anything else as it had taken me so long to recover physically. But i’m so glad my wife and I decided to give Bathmate a try, it really was the best decision we ever made. Thanks to Bathmate we now have a sex life, it’s even improved my size which is pleasing. Impotence is a very embarrassing problem that you tend to keep to yourself but with Bathmate that is no longer a problem for me. I obviously keep using my Bathmate daily but it has become second nature now. Thank you Bathmate for giving us a new lease of life.

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